IMPORTANT: ChurchTrac 9 (our older, desktop-based product) is no longer available. We recommend that all desktop customers migrate to our newer product, ChurchTrac Online.

We've Come A Long Way!

The desktop edition of ChurchTrac was originally launched back in 2002, and at the time was one of the first full-featured church management applications available. Unfortuantely, the platform that was used to create the desktop product is now beginning to show its age, and some users are experiencing compatibility issues between ChurchTrac 9 and newer versions of Windows and Office. With the ever-changing Windows ecosystem, we determined that a new solution was needed going forward.

In 2012, after several years of design and development, we released a new church software application called ChurchTrac Online, (or CTO for short). Our goal with CTO was to create a new flagship product that was built on the same principles of being easy to use and affordable. Our new product is cloud-based, meaning that it does not require a download or installation, and you can access your data from any device, including Macs, phones and tablets. Plus, the new platform enables us to deliver even more amazing features that were simply not possible in ChurchTrac 9. Above all, ChurchTrac Online is a superior product compared to the older ChurchTrac 9 desktop product, and it is getting better every day. We invite you to join the thousands of other churches who have already made the switch to ChurchTrac Online.

Will you continue to support ChurchTrac 9?

Tech support for ChurchTrac 9 was ended on December 31, 2017. No new maintenance updates are planned for ChurchTrac 9, which means that a future Microsoft Windows or Office update might break compatibility on some systems. Additionally, installing a new version of Windows or new version of Office will cause ChurchTrac 9 to stop working. Also ChurchTrac 9 will not work on PCs where Office 365 is installed. Fortunately, ChurchTrac Online does not suffer from any of these conficts or compatibility issues, and we can easily migrate your ChurchTrac 9 data to ChurchTrac Online.

What are the differences between CT9 and CTO?

If you're already familiar with ChurchTrac 9, then learning ChurchTrac Online will be easy. ChurchTrac Online is designed with the same basic interface as ChurchTrac 9, but CTO has more options, security and flexibility. Plus, with CTO, there's no need to synchronize, since your data is always available from any device. We've also added tons of great features to ChurchTrac Online that ChurchTrac 9 doesn't have, like online giving, volunteer management, name archiving, family check-in, congregation access, and fund-based accounting.

Will I still be able to purchase a ChurchTrac 9 unlock code?

ChurchTrac 9 products are no longer available for purchase or download. Please check out our newer product, ChurchTrac Online.

Compare Editions ChurchTrac
9 (Desktop)
Membership Management Yes Yes
Groups & Attendance Yes Yes
Contributions & Pledges Yes Yes
Accounting & Budgeting Yes Yes
Basic Calendaring Yes Yes
Volunteer and Event Management Yes Yes
Create Reports and Picture Directories Yes Yes
Share Data between Multiple Computers Yes Yes
Recommended for Two or More Users/Devices Yes Yes
Works on Windows Yes Yes
Works on Mac OSX Yes Yes
Works on Phones and Tablets Yes Yes
Archive Unused Names Yes Yes
Undelete/Recycle Bin Yes Yes
Congregation Access/Member Portal Yes Yes
Advanced User Security/Permissions Yes Yes
Online Giving Yes Yes
Fund-Based Accounting Yes Yes
Payroll Yes Yes
Projects and Tasks Yes Yes
Accessible from Any Device Yes Yes
Data Automatically Backed Up Yes Yes
Family-Based Child/Nursery Check-In Yes Yes
Unlimited User-Defined Fields Yes Yes
Multiple User-Defined Field Types Yes Yes
Send voice and text messages Yes Yes
Process Tracking Yes Yes
Priority Support Yes Yes