We are no longer accepting payments for our older desktop product (ChurchTrac 9) from our website.
Please call us at 1-877-704-0222 or create a support ticket or phone call request if you wish to make a desktop product purchase.

We recommend that all ChurchTrac 9 customers migrate to our newer product, ChurchTrac Online, as our older desktop product may not work on new computers or on any PC with a newer version of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office installed. If you have been using ChurchTrac 9, we can easily migrate your data to ChurchTrac Online.
IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee that our older product will work or continue to work on your PC or any new PC you purchase. By purchasing one of our older products, you acknowledge that you understand this risk. In the event that you encounter errors or issues using our older product, we may or may not be able to provide support or correct the issue. No refunds will be given for desktop product purchases, however, we may, at our discretion, offer you a prorated credit to move to our newer product.
Desktop Product Pricing:
Unlock Codes (to enter more than 100 names): $199 and up*
Unlock Code Renewal: $149**
Additional Names for Existing Unlock Codes: $99 (plus renewal if required)**
Data Sharing Subscription or Renewal: $99***

* We will no longer sell unlock codes to new customers after March 31, 2017.
** All unlock codes and unlock code renewals are the "non-expiring" type that do not prompt for renewal.
*** Annual data sharing subscriptions and renewals will no longer be available for purchase after March 31, 2017.