The easy-to-use church software
that won't break the bank.

ChurchTrac is a church database for keeping track of
people, groups and attendance, calendar and finances.

Which edition is right for you?
ChurchTrac for Windows

Church management software

to keep
track of your members, prospects,
attendance, contributions,
calendar, and more!

Completely free up to 100 names.
Download and install on your PC.
ChurchTrac Online

church membership software

accessible from any computer or
mobile device with an Internet

Works with PC or Mac! No downloads,
installations, or updates required.

Compare Editions

Features ChurchTrac ChurchTrac Online
Membership Management Yes Yes
Groups & Attendance Yes Yes
Contributions & Pledges Yes Yes
Accounting & Budgeting Yes Yes
Use with or without Internet Access Yes Yes
Share Data between Multiple Computers Yes Yes
Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Yes Yes
Works on Mac OSX Yes Yes
Accessible with iOS and mobile devices Yes Yes
Create Reports and Picture Directories Yes Yes
Priced reasonably for all church sizes Yes Yes
Completely free for smaller churches Yes Yes
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We're proud to offer two editions of ChurchTrac that can help your Christian church or ministry. Both products allow you to keep track of important information to help make your ministry as effective and productive as possible.

Choose ChurchTrac if you want to keep your data on your own computer, then add a data sharing subscription to share your ChurchTrac data between multiple computers. Choose this option and there's no cost to enter up to 100 names.

Choose ChurchTrac Online if you want to access your data from any computer or mobile device, or if you use a Mac. With ChurchTrac Online, your data is conveniently and securely stored in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.

Which Edition is Right for You?
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ChurchTrac Features

ChurchTrac is loaded with the same great features as other church software databases that cost hundreds of dollars more. In fact, we're the only company to provide free church software for churches who need less than 100 names! When you need to enter more names, you'll find that ChurchTrac is one of the lowest priced church software programs available!

Membership Management

Keep track of your people and prospects, guests,
and visitors. Record decisions and baptisms.

Groups and Attendance Tracking

Keep track of your groups, classes and attendance
(including Sunday school and worship attendance).

Follow-up and Visitation

Reach out to absentees. Print labels, absentee
reports, or send notes. Coordinate outreach.
Check In and Security

Child Check In & Security

Bar code check-in, keep track of allergies and notes.
Print parent and child security tags.

Stewardship and Giving

Keep track of tithes, contributions and pledges.
Print giving statements. Track giving trends.
Stay in Touch

Stay in Touch

Print letters, envelopes, and mailing labels. Send email.
Send voice and text messages.
Picture Directories

Picture Directories & Reports

Choose from several default directory options
or create your own custom directory.
And so much more

And so much more!

Including calendar events, maps, custom reports,
roll sheets, and SHAPE ministry profiles!
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This is the best church management program I have seen. We were using a different program, but this is much easier to use and so much cheaper! I love it...keep up the good work.

Questions & Answers

Is ChurchTrac really free for small churches?

Absolutely! With the desktop (installed) edition of ChurchTrac, you can enter up to 100 individuals into the database for free. To enter more than 100 names, you can purchase an unlock code.

How much does it cost to enter more than 100 names?

We charge based on the total number of names you need to enter. For current prices, be sure to check out the Purchase page. For ChurchTrac Online pricing, please visit

Can I switch between ChurchTrac and ChurchTrac Online, or can I use both at the same time?

Typically you'll want to pick the product that works best for you and stick with it. Since the two editions are based on two different database platforms, you cannot easily migrate from one edition to another.

Where is my data located?

With ChurchTrac, your data is located on your computer. Therefore, we recommend keeping a backup of your data on an external device, like a flash drive. ChurchTrac Online stores your data in the cloud, so there's no need to create backups, and your data is always accessible.

Find answers to more questions in our extensive Online Knowledgebase.

What Makes ChurchTrac Great?

  • It's free. ChurchTrac for Windows is completely free for small churches, and both editions are priced reasonably for everyone else.
  • It's simple. Even the computer-challenged volunteer can use it.
  • It's customizable. You can edit and create your own entries for many selection boxes, plus create your own user-defined fields.
  • It's secure. Set up user accounts to control who can access your data and set permission levels to control what users can see.
  • It's accessible. Use ChurchTrac's data sharing technology to synchronize all your computers, regardless of location.

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